Friday, August 5, 2016

big news and a new challenge

A lot has been happening...and there's more on the horizon! Let me fill you in on at least some of it!

On Friday, July 15th, I had my 8th Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon"! This one was at Cool As A Moose on Maine Street in Brunswick, and the chosen charity was Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bath/Brunswick. It was crazy hot that day, but I happened to be set up right under their air conditioning vent (a coincidence), so I was cool as a cucumber while I worked! I had visits from friends Keith Spiro and the lovely Rebecca Boothby Conley and I met some new friendly faces as well...including a fellow Long Islander, who bought a "Back Yard Buddha" print as a graduation gift for her niece!


The staff at Cool As A Moose made me feel welcome, as usual, and when the winning raffle ticket was drawn at 6pm, the name on it was not one that I recognized: a first! Lindsay MacDonald was the winner of "Magical Mystery Flowers," and it turns out that she is the Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bath/Brunswick! As always, I'm grateful for everyone's support...and now, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bath/Brunswick are $100 closer to their goal of buying a play parachute for school-based mentoring programs!

"Magical Mystery Flowers" and Lindsay MacDonald!

My host for the July Art Walk Lewiston/Auburn was a new place to me: Roger's Haircutters on Main Street in Auburn, just a few doors down from Gritty's! On July 21st, I set up my work in their front window, and when art walk came around on Friday, July 29th, I set up my magnets and my easel in Festival Plaza and did some work on a painting that I had been struggling with. Despite the forecast of rain, it was a beautiful night, and I was able to make some progress on my previously abandoned piece. I also had a very nice visit from some of my loyal magnet collectors, Donna Alexander and her husband, who helped me unpack my car and set up- thank you both for the help and the company! 

the front window at Roger's Haircutters!

can you spot the new magnets?

Speaking of Roger's Haircutters, I'm happy to announce that they will be my host for my 9th Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon," which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 16th! I'm calling it "Rise To The Challenge" because the charity will be the Roger's Haircutters Dempsey Challenge Team! This is an awesome cause and I'm so happy to be a part in helping them to reach their fundraising goal. Want to be a part of it? Either stop by Roger's Haircutters (I'll be there from roughly 10am-6pm on Tuesday, August 16th) or buy raffle tickets online! Here's the Facebook event page:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

overdue but not over, dude

EEK! I haven't posted here in almost a month! How did that happen? Well, I have managed to get in a couple of blog posts for Curtis Creative Spaces over the last couple of are the links for those...please enjoy!

This one is all about a recent trip to The Painted Dog in Brunswick:

...and this one is all about a recent trip to the Portland Museum of Art:

The big news right now is that on Friday, July 15th, I'm having my 8th Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon"! I will have my easel set up in the front window of Cool As A Moose (128 Maine Street, Brunswick), and I will be painting from 10am-6pm. At the end of the day, the completed painting will be raffled off, with 50% of the raffle ticket proceeds going to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bath/Brunswick. Want to support this worthy cause and possibly win a painting? You can buy raffle tickets here!

The Cupcakery in Lewiston hosted me for June's Art Walk Lewiston/Auburn, and it was a wonderful experience! It was a beautiful night, and the community really turned out for it: Lisbon Street was bustling with art lovers of all ages, and the evening went by very quickly. I sold a bunch of magnets, I saw some familiar, friendly faces who were happy to see me, and I made a lot of new, lovely acquaintances as well. Hooray for art! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

altered recapping

It has been a busy week! Forgive me if I recap things out of order...

On Friday, June 10th, I had my seventh Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon"! This time, I was in the front window at Wyler's (150 Maine Street, Brunswick). It was my second time painting at Wyler's, but the first time, I was set up in their toy room (which is right in between Wyler's and Local). This time, I was in the window right on the corner of Maine and Pleasant Streets. It is a slightly more high-profile location than the window in the toy room, and I was up on a small platform, which made me feel more out of the way. It was a sunny day, so I had lots of great natural light, and I was able to hang my work so it was visible to both people inside Wyler's and anyone walking or driving by. Fun! The friendly staff at Wyler's and Local made me feel welcome once again, and I am grateful for their hospitality.

the window facing Pleasant Street

Not only was this my second time painting at Wyler's, but it was my second time "painting4thecure": this month's cause was the National Foundation for Cancer Research's "Play4TheCure" program. Keith Spiro was the winner of "The Lotus in The Lemon"...very fitting, since he is such a passionate supporter of NFCR's efforts! Thank you! 

photo credit: Sylvia Wyler

On Thursday, June 9th, I had the pleasure of participating (once again) in Altered Couture! In case you aren't familiar with it, Altered Couture is a very fun fashion show/contest put on by the lovely and talented Christine DeTroy. Creativity is the key: participants make outfits using recycled materials, found objects, and their imagination! This year's theme was "Color Couture," so I chose the song "She's A Rainbow" by the Rolling Stones for my walk down the runway (which is scary, but scary in a fun way). I am most definitely not a seamstress, so I wanted to keep the sewing to an absolute minimum. I had some unstretched canvas tucked away in my studio, so I laid it out on the floor with one of my wraparound skirts up against it. I marked off where to cut with a pencil, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best! I primed and painted the canvas, attached some velcro tape, and presto- I made a skirt! I found a small canvas apron I could use as a bodice, so I painted it, attached straps so it wouldn't fall off, and stuck some old brushes on it for good measure. I cut strips of unstretched canvas, painted them, and sewed them to an elastic band to make my headpiece. Art for art's sake! 

"she comes in colors everywhere..."

One of the things I love about Altered Couture is the sense of community that comes with it. All the participants are supportive and encouraging to one another. People of all different backgrounds, ages, and skill sets come together for this event (this was the 6th one!), which is always sold out and always raises money for a good cause. This year's recipient was the Lewiston/Auburn Maine Folque Co-ops Young Fiddler’s Ensemble, who put on a fantastic performance that night. Way to go, Christine DeTroy! You put on an awesome show every year, and you are a true builder of community. I'm happy to have been a part of the fun!

Brunswick Art Collaborative represent! With Amanda Heath Walden

I also managed to get a new blog post written for Curtis Memorial Library! Here's the link in case you're currently in a blog zone:

Next on the list: ArtWalk Lewiston Auburn is Friday, June 24th, 5pm-8pm! I'll be at the Cupcakery (97 Lisbon Street, Lewiston). Please stop by! It's sure to be a fun night! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

love is served

How is it the last day of May already? Time just seems to zip by when the warm weather is here!

This month's "Paint-a-Thon" (entitled Small But Mighty!) took place on Friday, May 20th at She Doesn't Like Guthries in Lewiston, and it was a beautiful day from beginning to end. Heather and the staff at Guthries kept me going with good music all day long- and they rewarded me with a lovely glass of red wine when I was finished! The winner of "Serving Love" was Chris Rose, who is now officially a collector of my work! Coincidentally, May 20th was Chris's birthday, so thanks to his kind contribution to the Good Shepherd Food Bank, I was able to contribute to his day of celebrations. Yay!

"Serving Love," moments after being signed!

My show at Guthries is still up for a few more days (I'll be taking it down the morning of Saturday, June 4th), so I won't have my final fundraising total until then...but I will certainly let you know what that number is when I have it!

Now that my May Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon" has passed, I'm excited to announce the "Paint-a-Thon" that's coming up in June: Paint4TheCure Part Deux! The National Foundation for Cancer Research's "Play4TheCure" campaign was the charity I partnered with for my very first "Paint-a-Thon" event back in December 2015, and I'm happy to be working with NFCR once again! I will be setting up my easel in the front window of Wyler's (the venue that hosted me back in February for VANtastic!) on Friday, June 10th, and painting from 10am-6pm. The completed 8" x 8" painting will be raffled off at the end of the day, with 50% of the raffle ticket sales going to NFCR's "Play4TheCure" program. Stop by, say hello, buy a raffle ticket...and, as always, thank you for your support!

Here's the link to the public Facebook event page (feel free to share!):

...and here's the link to the Carii fundraising page:

Monday, May 9, 2016

may i catch up?

May 1st was the one-year anniversary of my mom's passing, and yesterday was Mother's Day. I can think of no better way for me to pay tribute to my mother than to dedicate my next Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon" event to a cause that she was passionate about: feeding others. Every time my parents would go to the grocery store, my mom would have multiple items in her cart for the church's food bank (canned goods, peanut butter, sometimes even cookies). After they would get home, my dad would reach for a cookie (not realizing its intended destination) and she would scold him, saying, "That's for the poor!" to which he would reply, "Well, what's for the rich?" My dad had a million of 'em, including the phrase he used to describe my mom, "small but mighty," and that's the name I'm giving to this month's event. Please join me at She Doesn't Like Guthries on Friday, May 20th, from 10am-6pm; this month's charity is the Good Shepherd Food Bank! If you can't be there in person, that's okay: long-distance support is always appreciated! Here's the link for the Facebook event page ( and here's the link to buy raffle tickets online ( 

So...what else has been going on? Well, my dear friend Tim came to visit recently! We had a great time, and not only was he able to pick up "Earth Flower" (the painting he won in April's Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon"/Every Day is Like EARTH DAY), but he added "Mexicali Ganesh" to his collection as well! Talk about going to a good home...thank you, Tim, for your friendship and your support! I am grateful for you. 

saying "so long" in Brunswick...

...and "hello" from its new home in New York! 

Oh, yes: last week, I led my first-ever paint bar-style class at Curtis Memorial Library! I was nervous, but it went really well. I wrote about it in my most recent Curtis Creative Spaces blog post, so if you'd like to read that story, please click the link: In the meantime, here's a picture!

photo credit: Sarah Brown

Finally, I'm happy to say that my May show at She Doesn't Like Guthries in Lewiston is a two-person show with Keith SpiroKeith has been a collector and a friend, as well as an advocate for my Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) campaign, but we've never shown our work together until now. The show went up on Friday, May 6th, and we really packed the place! Please stop by sometime this month to see for yourself, and while you're at it, treat yourself to some tasty food

a taste of the show!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

every day is like earth day

Yesterday was Earth Day...although I celebrated this holiday a week ago, with my Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon" event, "Every Day Is Like EARTH DAY"! Yes, I was in the front window of Frosty's Donuts on Maine Street in Brunswick bright and early, painting away and raising money for the Cathance River Education Alliance. It was a gorgeous day, and although I was indoors, the warmth and beautiful light from the sun coming straight through that large window allowed me to enjoy it as if I had been standing directly on the sidewalk. I got there at about 7:45am, and the tireless Keith Spiro was already set up and working: he'd been there since they opened at 4am! WHAT?

Can we talk about the way the air smells inside Frosty's? Holy cow...the donuts, the was difficult to resist! Generally speaking, I am not a donut eater, but OH MY GOD. I left with a twist at the end of the day and because I love my husband, Terry, I shared it with him...but let me tell you: the only thing that slowed down my inhalation of that delicious treat was me feeling the need to exclaim "This is SO good! How can this be so good?" every few bites.

sunny skies and yummy scents!

I don't know if it's because I was nervous or if it was because of the early start, but I worked like a demon and actually finished my painting around 3:15. The winning ticket was drawn just before 4pm, and I'm happy to say that the winner of "Earth Flower" is one of my oldest and dearest friends (and one of my most prolific collectors, too), Tim Molloy! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see me that day, to Frosty's for hosting me, to everyone who helped to share/promote the event, and to everyone who bought raffle tickets online or in person. Together, we were able to raise $130 for the Cathance River Education Alliance (thank you, CREA, for all your wonderful work)! Consistent, small steps can make a big difference: after five Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon" events, we've raised over $1000 for charity! Woo hoo! 

"Earth Flower" waiting to go to its new home!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

nurture nature

In case you were wondering (and even if you weren't), my fifth Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon" event is happening this Saturday, April 16th! I will be at Frosty's Donuts (54 Maine Street, Brunswick), and I will be painting from early start for me (eek!), but not for the fearless bakers at Frosty's: they will have been there for four hours before I arrive! Anyway, I'm calling it "Every Day Is Like EARTH DAY," and the charity I will be donating 50% of the raffle ticket sales (and 10% of all art sold, excluding magnets) this time around will be the Cathance River Education Alliance! I am a VERY big fan of the Cathance River Nature Preserve trails in Topsham, and I am happy to be able to show my support for what they do. I hope to see you on Saturday...and if you can't be there in person, you can always show long-distance support by purchasing raffle tickets online ($5 each or 3 for $10)! Here's the link:

In other news, I was pleasantly surprised to see my work in this month's edition of The Cryer- not once, but twice! Not only are the photos great, but there is a wonderful article as well. Take a peek! Thank you again, Keith Spiro! It's nice to have your help and support.

community & collaboration! 

painting and grooving

Also, here's my most recent post for the Curtis Memorial Library blog...I hope you enjoy it!