Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last night's Brunswick Art Collaborative meeting was so much fun! We were a small group, but Amanda led us in a lesson on how to work with wire. I have a piece of quartz that I found while hiking with my friend Heather and I have always thought it would make a nice necklace, but I didn't know how to make that happen. Thankfully, Amanda came prepared and had all kinds of different wire to choose from and tools to use. She helped me to select the proper gauge and then showed me how to wrap my quartz. It was much easier than I thought, and soon I had a beautiful new pendant. I even finished it off with a tiny spiral in the center. I enjoyed doing that so much, I figured I could use a little wire in one of the collages I've been working on, so I got to work twisting some copper and red wire into loose rectangles with little spiral-type shapes at the corners. The trick now will be getting them to stay put...perhaps some nails will be in order. Thanks Amanda for the lesson and the supplies!

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