Friday, September 3, 2010

fun with planning

I met with Harriet from Five Rivers Arts Alliance on Wednesday to discuss the Family Arts Festival, and I am happy to say I left our meeting feeling excited about participating. We brainstormed about supplies (and how to get them), techniques, and possible themes for collages if people are stuck and can't think of one on their own; plus, she showed me pictures from past festivals to give me a sense of what to expect. It looks like the event typically draws quite a crowd, and there is a lot to keep people busy: live music, dancing, demonstrations, and art workshops of all kinds. I went home that evening and immediately started going through a bunch of supplies to see what I would be willing to donate (old greeting cards, magazines, etc.). I also filled a bag with mini-pine cones right from my backyard.

I was telling my friend Heather about it the next day over gelato and I asked her if she had any old craft supplies she would like to get rid of. Her face lit up and she emphatically said, "Yes! I have a ton of stuff like that and it's just sitting around." We went to her place and she found a jar filled with beads and buttons, a bag of pom-poms, another bag of pine cones, a small stack of nature magazines, a tube of confetti glitter, and a package of feathers. As if that wasn't enough, Heather volunteered to help me at the festival itself! She has a ton of experience working with kids and I know that will make things go a lot more smoothly. I really do have the greatest friends!

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