Thursday, June 12, 2014

exploding with color

Did I mention that I decided to sign up for the June group show at The Gallery At 11 Pleasant? Here's a picture of my wall this month:

Here's my wall! 

Since I had last month's Second Friday Art Walk in the new pop-up location under my belt this time around, it was easier for me to judge how many pieces I'd need to have full displays in both I packed this wall solid! I wanted to have an assortment of sizes, and I wanted to add in a few mixed media/collage pieces for more variety. I am pleased with how it looks! Janet Glatz has mentioned in a few posts that the gallery is "exploding with color," and I like to think my wall is contributing to that feeling!

1 comment:

Janet said...

It most certainly is contributing, Maria. I love how your display shouts "look at me!" And it has so many interesting and different pieces. Best of luck for the month of June!