Saturday, August 15, 2009

brunswick arts collaborative

I belong to an informal group called the Brunswick Arts Collaborative (or "Brunswick Art Collaborative"...I'm not sure which is correct. I told you it was informal.) and I have to say it is a real blast. I love this group. We are a bunch of women (men are welcome, but none have joined us yet) who get together twice a month to talk, laugh, and create art. We are young, old and in between; we are professional, semi-professional and fledgling artists; we teach each other, learn from each other and goof off with each other. We support one another by going to each other's shows and sharing our supplies and ideas. There is no competition, only encouragement...and people who never considered themselves to be "artists" are finding that previously unknown part inside of them. I have gotten so inspired by this group and it's really fascinating to me what kind of work I have produced since joining. I have been exploring collage lately and that is a direct result of my being involved with the Brunswick Arts Collaborative. It's nice to do something a little different and to push my own boundaries a bit...and it's a lot of fun.