Thursday, June 12, 2014

exploding with color

Did I mention that I decided to sign up for the June group show at The Gallery At 11 Pleasant? Here's a picture of my wall this month:

Here's my wall! 

Since I had last month's Second Friday Art Walk in the new pop-up location under my belt this time around, it was easier for me to judge how many pieces I'd need to have full displays in both I packed this wall solid! I wanted to have an assortment of sizes, and I wanted to add in a few mixed media/collage pieces for more variety. I am pleased with how it looks! Janet Glatz has mentioned in a few posts that the gallery is "exploding with color," and I like to think my wall is contributing to that feeling!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

a happy hand off

…and the winner of the Curtis Memorial Library raffle for my painting, "Lilac Bud," is none other than Michelle Bustamante

The big hand-off! 

Michelle was the person who left this quote in the feedback section of the raffle page: "It was beautifully done by a very talented lady that put her entire heart into it. I would proudly show it off if I owned it........may the forces be with me!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo" Well, the forces were certainly with Michelle that day. Congratulations, Michelle! I'm so happy to know that "Lilac Bud" is going to a very good home! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

a tradition is born

I sold a painting yesterday! "Say Yes To Your Birthday" has gone to a very good home. In fact, it's such a good home, "Sole Mate" will be keeping it company! That's right: Keith Spiro and his lovely wife, Adrienne, have decided to add another one of my paintings to their fabulous collection of art. Yay! I'll be able to visit it!

Until we meet again...

Keith and Adrienne had Terry and myself over for a Salon-style day of brunch and conversation, along with Condon and Georgeann Kuhl of The Gallery at Widgeon Cove. Terry and I had never met Condon and Georgeann before, but the six of us has a great time together! The day was filled with plentiful amounts of fabulous food and lively conversation. We arrived at 11 am, and before we knew it, the clock said it was 5 pm! Where did the time go? 

Just before we all left, Keith shared with the group his plan for "Say Yes To Your Birthday," and I have to say, it totally knocked me out: "Say Yes To Your Birthday" is going to be passed around Keith and Adrienne's family! Whoever has a birthday that month gets to hang out with my painting and have it in their home as part of their celebration. Isn't that incredible? I already consider it an honor whenever someone buys artwork from me, but the fact that my painting is going to be a part of a family tradition just blows me away. What a privilege. Thank you!