Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My sister Addie asked me to donate a painting for an auction at her daughters' school and I am really excited about it. Their school is Brimmer and May in Chestnut Hill, MA ( and the auction looks to be a fairly fancy affair. It's the "Denim and Diamonds Gala", Saturday, November 14, at the Back Bay Grand in Boston.

I am donating a painting that I am almost finished's called "Ring of Fire Sunflower #2". It's "#2" because I did a smaller version of this painting for a group show I'm currently in at Freeport Square. "#2" is on a 12" x 12" x 3" canvas (the first one is on an 8" x 8" normal depth canvas) so it's been a bit of a challenge continuing the painting on all four sides, but I've been enjoying it. Both paintings are based on a photo by Jim Moscone, a friend of mine who is a very talented photographer.

It feels good to be involved with a positive cause, and I am looking forward to exposing my work to a whole new group of people. I hope that my painting can bring a little happiness to whoever purchases it.