Monday, November 12, 2012


I love painting...and I love to paint places and things that I love. Last year, I painted "El Camino", my favorite restaurant; this summer, I did two paintings to honor The Gelato Fiasco ("Mandala Fiasco" and "Give Gelato A Chance"). Recently, I finished a painting of Estilo, a women's consignment store, and one of my favorite shops in Brunswick (or anywhere, for that matter).

Last night, I posted on the Estilo Facebook page ( to tell them about my painting, and Lauren, the owner, said she'd like to see it. I brought it in this afternoon...not only did she love it, but she bought it right then and there! Lauren was very flattered that I would paint her shop, and she also said she didn't expect to love the painting as much as she did. What a nice compliment! Here's a coincidence, too: Eloise, one of the owners of El Camino, was shopping at Estilo the same time I was there! Funny, since Paul, one of the other owners of El Camino, bought my painting of their restaurant.

Anyway, I am very happy that "Estilo" has gone to a good home. I am also happy to say that while I was there, I picked up a sweet deal on a fake fur jacket! If you haven't had a chance to stop by this great little shop, do yourself a favor and check it out: Happy shopping!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

waiting for the other door to open

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I must announce the closing of the Closet Factory of Maine showroom (647A Congress St., Portland). I am grateful that my boss let me use this space for First Friday Art Walk for nearly 2 years and I am thankful to all of my friends and family who supported me by coming out to my shows and being a part of this very special opportunity. Major thanks to Jen of Interactive Tarot and to the members of The Intergalactic Yurt Band and Cumberland Crossing for lending their talents and taking these shows to a different level. I'm hoping that this is a "one door closes, another one opens" situation...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

special delivery

So...I found out a few days ago that a photo of me and my painting, "This Is The Year", is going to be on the cover of the Topsham Public Library's annual report! The photo is from the Joy of Art juried show back in January. I have a picture of the cover on my website, if you're curious to see it ( you can find it on the In The Press page). The annual report (which they entitled This Is The Year) will be in the November issue of The Cryer (; it will also be showing up in the mailbox of every Topsham resident! Major thanks to Keith Spiro for taking the photo and to Susan Preece (director, Topsham Public Library) for choosing to use it. I feel really honored!