Friday, July 31, 2015

summertime catch-up

Wow: according to the calendar, I haven't blogged for over a month. Whoopsie. How did I let it go that long? Well, things have been busy (excuses, excuses), but hey- the last day of July is still July, isn't it? Allow me to recap...

"Things/Life/Whatnot" was a wonderful experience. Apparently, even my alma mater heard about it (I'm still trying to figure out how that happened):


"Things/Life/Whatnot" came down on July 1st, and that same day, I drove over to Isabella's Bakery and Cafe in Freeport to hang my next show! If you haven't been to Isabella's yet, please stop by and treat yourself to something tasty. Caite, the owner of Isabella's, is friendly, warm, and welcoming, as is her staff. The food is yummy and reasonably priced, too! My work will be up through the month of August. Woo hoo!

My wall at Isabella's!

My magnet display at Isabella's! 

There have been a couple of different Art Walks since I last posted here: Art Walk Lewiston/Auburn...


Check out this little cutie pie and her magnet! 

Both art walks were a lot of fun, as usual! In June, I was at Argo Marketing for Art Walk Lewiston/Auburn; tonight, I will be back at 46 Lisbon Street, the formal bridal shop! I wonder what will happen with the shoes this time? In July, the Brunswick pop-up spot was St. Paul's on Pleasant Street, but in August, we will be at the Curtis Memorial Library in the Morrell Meeting Room. Changing things up can be good! 

More things are happening, but I need to cut this post short because I need to get ready for tonight! I promise it won't take me over a month to post least I hope it won't!