Thursday, June 16, 2016

altered recapping

It has been a busy week! Forgive me if I recap things out of order...

On Friday, June 10th, I had my seventh Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon"! This time, I was in the front window at Wyler's (150 Maine Street, Brunswick). It was my second time painting at Wyler's, but the first time, I was set up in their toy room (which is right in between Wyler's and Local). This time, I was in the window right on the corner of Maine and Pleasant Streets. It is a slightly more high-profile location than the window in the toy room, and I was up on a small platform, which made me feel more out of the way. It was a sunny day, so I had lots of great natural light, and I was able to hang my work so it was visible to both people inside Wyler's and anyone walking or driving by. Fun! The friendly staff at Wyler's and Local made me feel welcome once again, and I am grateful for their hospitality.

the window facing Pleasant Street

Not only was this my second time painting at Wyler's, but it was my second time "painting4thecure": this month's cause was the National Foundation for Cancer Research's "Play4TheCure" program. Keith Spiro was the winner of "The Lotus in The Lemon"...very fitting, since he is such a passionate supporter of NFCR's efforts! Thank you! 

photo credit: Sylvia Wyler

On Thursday, June 9th, I had the pleasure of participating (once again) in Altered Couture! In case you aren't familiar with it, Altered Couture is a very fun fashion show/contest put on by the lovely and talented Christine DeTroy. Creativity is the key: participants make outfits using recycled materials, found objects, and their imagination! This year's theme was "Color Couture," so I chose the song "She's A Rainbow" by the Rolling Stones for my walk down the runway (which is scary, but scary in a fun way). I am most definitely not a seamstress, so I wanted to keep the sewing to an absolute minimum. I had some unstretched canvas tucked away in my studio, so I laid it out on the floor with one of my wraparound skirts up against it. I marked off where to cut with a pencil, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best! I primed and painted the canvas, attached some velcro tape, and presto- I made a skirt! I found a small canvas apron I could use as a bodice, so I painted it, attached straps so it wouldn't fall off, and stuck some old brushes on it for good measure. I cut strips of unstretched canvas, painted them, and sewed them to an elastic band to make my headpiece. Art for art's sake! 

"she comes in colors everywhere..."

One of the things I love about Altered Couture is the sense of community that comes with it. All the participants are supportive and encouraging to one another. People of all different backgrounds, ages, and skill sets come together for this event (this was the 6th one!), which is always sold out and always raises money for a good cause. This year's recipient was the Lewiston/Auburn Maine Folque Co-ops Young Fiddler’s Ensemble, who put on a fantastic performance that night. Way to go, Christine DeTroy! You put on an awesome show every year, and you are a true builder of community. I'm happy to have been a part of the fun!

Brunswick Art Collaborative represent! With Amanda Heath Walden

I also managed to get a new blog post written for Curtis Memorial Library! Here's the link in case you're currently in a blog zone:

Next on the list: ArtWalk Lewiston Auburn is Friday, June 24th, 5pm-8pm! I'll be at the Cupcakery (97 Lisbon Street, Lewiston). Please stop by! It's sure to be a fun night!