Friday, January 17, 2014

charged up

I am feeling very charged up these days! Here's what's been happening:

My "make your own portable shrine" workshop is now listed on the Leapin' Lizards event calendar! Even though the date had been solidified last week, it didn't feel official until I saw it on the website on Monday morning. I am really looking forward to this workshop, and in preparation, I took a bin full of supplies and charged them for a few hours in the Wolf Full Moon on Wednesday night! I feel like the first full moon of the year has an extra-special quality to it, and I think that's a nice type of energy to put into a personal shrine. If you'd like to check out my workshop, here's the link to the Leapin' Lizards website: ...and here's the link to the calendar listing!

On Wednesday, I finished my first painting of 2014! Yes, I had started this particular painting at the end of 2013, but I didn't finish and sign it until Wednesday, so technically it's from this year. I am still trying to decide on a title...stay tuned.

I also had my first Etsy sale of 2014 yesterday morning! This sale was to a repeat customer, which is great, and this person also happens to be the first customer I ever had on Etsy...and she bought on the very first day I opened my Etsy shop! Yes, that's a lot of italics, but that's how good I feel about it. 

Yesterday afternoon, I treated myself to a thirty minute Reiki session from Amanda Heath Walden in Bath. This was very easy to do, because it was free! I'd never had a Reiki session before, but I'd always been curious, and since Amanda is offering free introductory sessions during the month of January, I figured it would be a wonderful opportunity to give it a try. I am SO glad I did, because I left there feeling refreshed, relaxed, and fully charged with positive energy! If you're in the area and you're curious about Reiki, please check out Amanda and her business, Joyful Heart Reiki and Laughter Yoga. Here's a link to her Facebook page: 

I am excited about all of these positive "firsts", and I'm hopeful that 2014 will have a lot more in store! 

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