Wednesday, March 27, 2019

time marches on

YIKES! I haven't posted here since the end of January! Time to change that!

Saturday, February 23rd found me back at the Tontine Mall in Brunswick, just outside of Indrani' the way, I love that space! The cause I chose to support for my 39th Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon" was the Cathance River Education Alliance, so I called the event "CREAte" I love those trails at the Cathance River Nature Preserve so much, so I’m grateful I was able to help CREA in my own little way! Here are some photos from the day. 

the pop-up 

putting some miles on my sign!

the beginning


As I worked on my painting, it dawned on me that it looked like my little owl was wearing KISS makeup. This made me giggle (probably more than it should have), so I decided to go with it. As a result, the title made itself known: "Owl Was Made For Loving You, Baby"! 

"Owl Was Made For Loving You, Baby": finished!

It was a great day, filled with lots of laughter and visits from friends (and friendly faces). When it was all said and done, we were able to raise $105 for CREA. Thank you, everyone! 

congratulations, Hayley! 

thank you for the kind acknowledgement!

On Saturday, March 23rd, I hit a mini-milestone: I had my 40th Brushstrokes With Impact (tm) "Paint-a-Thon"! Of course, I called it "The Big Four-Oh". I put a slightly different spin on this month's cause: my sister, Addie, is running the Boston Marathon in April, and she's raising funds for the Hole In The Wall Gang Camp...when I heard that, I knew I wanted to help out. Thanks to everyone's support, we were able to raise $100 towards her cause! If you missed your chance to win the painting I created on Saturday, but you'd like to support my sister's fundraising efforts for The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp, here's the link:

the pop-up

the beginning


"Tulip Potential": finished!

the winning ticket!

this beautiful family won my painting!

On February 9th, I took down my solo show at Kimball Union Academy's Taylor Art Gallery, and I was totally knocked out by all the kind words and wonderful feedback waiting for me in the guest book! Thank you to the students, staff, and faculty at KUA for making me feel so welcome! I will always cherish my experience on your beautiful campus. Below are some photos from the guest book, and here's a link to the All School Meeting video where Ursula Fries-Herfort introduces "Color And Energy" to the student body:

By the way, the total raised for the Janie Chase Cozzi '19 Memorial Fund was $175, so that means the running total donated through Brushstrokes with Impact (tm) is in the neighborhood of $5800. Not bad at all! 

one last photo from "Color And Energy"!

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