Friday, August 3, 2012

crossing paths

What a FUN First Friday it was tonight!!! Things got off to a slow start, as usual- the first half hour is typically pretty subdued- but after that, things were rocking! At 6pm, my friend Erica and members of her band, Cumberland Crossing, showed up with instruments in hand and treated us to some fantastic live bluegrass. At first, there were three of them; a little while later, a fourth musician arrived; a little while later, a fifth musician arrived. They were set up near the front windows so people outside could see them, which brought a lot of foot traffic in...and since the band was so good, people stayed to listen, and they lingered in front of the art as well. People were dancing, clapping, and generally enjoying themselves all night. Lots of friends stopped by, which is always wonderful (thank you Echo, Jesse, Heather, Rebecca, Scott, Trish, Holly, Jenn, and Lori), I got a bunch of email addresses for my mailing list, and I even sold two small paintings! All in all, it was a fantastic night. We ended up staying later than usual because things were so busy...the time just flew by. I really hope Cumberland Crossing decides to come back again! Fingers crossed that things work out schedule-wise in the future...

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